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Barley Products Food Grade

Pearl Barley

Pearl barley is a great addition to soups, stews and cereal.  Highland Milling LLC processes three types of pearl barley, medium, hard and fine pearl to fit our customer’s needs.

Pearl Barley Flakes

Pearl Barley Flakes are made by stem rolling pearl barley.  Barley Flakes have a nutty, slightly sweeter flavor and chewier texture than oat flakes. They can be used as cereal, in granola, muesli or in baking.

Pearl Barley Ground

Pearl Barley, Ground is made by grinding pearl barley but not sifting it.  The ground pearl barley is used in foods to provide texture and is also used in distilling.

Pearl Barley Flour

Barley Flour is made by grinding and sifting pearl barley.  The flour is used for baking, as a thickener and in some specialty foods. Highland Milling LLC has three differed sizes of barley flour, #16, #20 and #25 mesh.

Barley Products Pet Grade

Lightly Pearled or Hulled Barley is barley that has had only the outermost hull removed. 

Pet food grade pearl barley Is made by grinding pearl barley.  The standard product is un-sifted but can be sifted if requested.

Pet Grade Ground Barley

Pet Grade Pearl Barley Light/Hulled

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